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X-Pole Next Generation XPert Danspaal Set 40mm - Chrome


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 X-Pole Next Generation XPert Danspaal Set 40mm - Chrome

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Short Product Description
40mm Chrome Finish X-POLE - SPINNING & STATIONARY.

Fits ceiling heights 2235 - 2745mm
For higher ceiling heights, extensions are available for purchase

Fully removable dance pole - no fixings required.
Spinning & static in ONE pole.

BOTTOM LOADING - No ladder needed to adjust height. You can expand and fully lock the pole into positions without ever leaving the ground. 
X-JOINT TECHNOLOGY - Metal tube that expands & contracts to hold pole pieces together instead of threads. This increases pole stability & eliminates the possibility of stuck pole pieces.
The #1 Professional Grade Exercise/Dance Pole on the market!

Set to revolutionize the pole industry, the new 40mm (1.5") pole is slimmer than the standard 45mm and 50mm poles while retaining a highly durable and robust design that is synonymous with all X-Pole products. 

A significant benefit of the new 40mm pole is that tricks can become easier to perform, increasing dancer's confidence, especially for those with small hands! The 40mm pole gives a unique new dynamic to performances and is already being met with huge praise from the industry. 
The 40mm pole really is amazing to dance on!

Recommended Max Height for 40mm X-Pole = 335cm (11 feet) 

The X-Pert (XX) set contains:
  • Micro Base Plate - smaller base for minimum contact and maximum support 
  • Main Pole A (bottom pole) with attached height adjuster rod and adjuster cover - Metal (not plastic) Adjuster Cover simply threads into place creating a smooth pole from top to bottom. With no sharp edges or threads to scrape arms or legs, you can utilize the entire pole with confidence.
  • Main Pole B (top pole)
  • 125mm (5in) extension
  • 250mm (10in) extension
  • 1x 180mm (7in) X-Joint - Comes attached to the125mm extension and used with the smallest extensions that are closest to the ceiling 
  • 2x 200mm (8in) X-Joints - Used to connect all larger pole pieces 
  • Top Adapter - Attaches to the upper most pole piece/extension 
  • Upper Support Dome - 406mm (16in) wide dome that is able to grip a large surface area of the ceiling for extra stability and support (comes with a silicone ring to protect your ceiling)
  • Hex Key - The ONLY tool you will need to properly set up your X-Pert!
  • 2x Carry Cases - One case is used for the pole pieces/extensions and the second is used for the micro base plate and upper support dome. 
  • Photo Display Manual

What is the difference in pole finishes? 
Brass - solid brass with enhanced grip, tending to be the stickiest but also the most expensive material
Chrome - most popular & best for general use
Titanium Gold -This is a new process which adds an additional electrolytic process over the chrome to enhance grip, similar grip to brass but is more cost effective.
What is the difference in pole diameters (thickness)?
40mm (1.5in) - offers the best grip for small hands
45mm (1.75in) - easy to grip with your hands and used in worldwide competitions
50mm (2in) - best grip for leg holds & inversions

Verzending gratis binnen België & Nederland
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