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X-Pole Aerial Sport Hoop 950mm (37") Dual Point

Artikelcode: XHS-DP0950BK

    X-Pole Aerial Sport Hoop 950mm (37

Learning Lyra (Aerial hoop)? Now you can practise at home with X-Pole's Sport Hoop!

Black colour only - hoops at some pictures have purple tape!

• 34mm width – X-Pole Sport Hoop
• Size: 950
• Double point
Including 3 carabiners & 1 sling
Excluding anchor point and swivel!
If using at home please ensure your rigging point is installed by a QUALIFIED rigger & ideally load rated. Aerial fitness can be highly dangerous if your equipment is not installed correctly. 

Please DO NOT install your own hooks / dynabolts / anchor points. For your own safety - it is worth spending the money to have your equipment rigged correctly!

About X-Pole SPORT Hoops
Hoop, also known as lyra, is a wonderful circus apparatus in which the student learn beautiful movements and shapes while spinning on a large metal hoop suspended in the air. X-Pole Aerial Sport Hoops are 34 mm in width which makes them a little different from other traditional aerial hoops, with the explosion of Pole Fitness Studios now teaching Aerial Hoop  it makes the transition from a pole to a hoop easier. X-Hoop measurements are taken from the inner diameter instead of outer which enables you to have the correct distance you need from your head to the upper bar.

Safety Tips:
Below are a few safety tips we recommend when trying any type of Aerial Fitness.
When learning any aerial fitness we highly recommend the use of a Mat under your apparatus.
Make sure you have a spotter with you when trying the harder moves and flips.
If possible learn from a professional, books, you tube and videos are a great source but we highly recommend attending an Aerial Class.
Check your equipment before use. Always check your equipment to make sure damage has not occurred at any time.
We recommend that you tape your hoops for both hygiene issues and safety issues.

This product is shipped to you within 3 - 4 days!

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