X-Pole danspalen, X-Stage & Aerial Hoop




Hoop, also known as cerceau or lyra, is a wonderful circus apparatus in which
the student learns beautiful movements and shapes while spinning on a large
metal hoop suspended in the air. X-Pole SPORT Hoops are 34 mm in width
which makes them little different from other hoops on the market as it makes
it easier to transition from a pole to a hoop. X-Hoop measurements are taken
from the inner diameter instead of outer which enables you to have the correct
distance you need from your head to the upper bar.
After testing these we have found that the X-Pole Sport Hoops are less painful
for students which encourage more students to return to the classes. Hoop
sizes available, 800, 850, 900, 950mm ,1000mm, 1050mm and we have
these in both single point and dual point.