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X-Pole Mounts and Fixing

Vaulted and permanent ceiling mounts for XPERT and SPORT X-Poles.
These precision engineered mounts and fixings are perfect for gyms, studios and high ceiling installations. The mounts are available in 3 types:

Fixed Ceiling Mounts (XS Only) – are permanently screwed or bolted to the ceiling, which must be parallel to the floor. The fixed mount eliminates the need to use an upper ceiling plate or dome and allows for quick and easy pole installation and disassembly.

Plate Mounts - are used to attach X-Poles securely to the ceiling by mounting the to a Stud, Joint or beam. The plate mount replaces the standard ceiling dome and offers a highly robust and safe solution for permanent installations.

Vaulted Ceiling Mounts – are specifically designed for vaulted or angled ceilings. This precision engineered mount, which is screwed or bolted to the ceiling, rotates through 180o allowing poles to be fitted no matter what the ceiling angle. Alternatively the unit can be mounted on a special plate for attachment to steel girders or truss. Extremely rugged, it has been designed for home, studio and competition use.

The vaulted mount is also used with Pole-A-Way – the world’s first ever pole storage system - designed by, and exclusive to, X-Pole (coming soon).

Ball Mount - XPert 40/45/50mm

Ball Mount - XPert 40/45/50mm


Block Mount - For X-Pole Sport

Block Mount - For X-Pole Sport