X-POLE info

The type of pole you choose to buy, not only depends on your budget and what you hope to do with it, but also on your body size as well as the climate surrounding where the pole would be installed. Therefore, it is very important to make sure you read all our advice below, which will help you determine which finish and diameter would be best suited to your skin type and also to your surroundings. X-POLE have offices all across the globe, so if at any point you are confused or just feel that there is too much information and you seem a little lost, then just pick up the phone to us or feel free to email us straight away. 


40mm – Perfect for those with small hands; the 40mm is easier to use, most hands will fit around the 40mm diameter so is easier to grip especially when working on spins and hand only inverts. 

45mm – The industry standard; the 45mm has become the most comfortable pole for most of the industry, most commonly seen in studios across the world the 45mm is perfect for both legs and arms and for all hand sizes.

50mm - Was the original size introduced to the industry, as pole has evolved and moves have become more complicated a smaller pole size is generally preferred. 


Chrome – The most common finish on a pole, is good in all weathers however does wear over time and usage. Is great as a standard pole. The Chrome poles are cheaper than Stainless Steel. 

Stainless Steel – Great for those who suffer from metal allergies, however is very weather dependent. Stainless Steel is perfect for users who struggle or have allergies with materials such as chrome. The stainless steel pole comes polished, making it great for spins and when performing inverted tricks. This material is at its optimal state in humid conditions and is very popular in the USA. It is used in studios a lot more than in homes as the material is more durable than chrome. There is no risk of the pole being liable to rust. 

Titanium Gold – Is electronically coated for an enhanced grip. This is done on top of the Chrome to attain this finish. The Gold will wear over time, even though this does not affect the grip, the colour of the pole may vary over time. 

Brass – An alloy of zinc and copper - the most superior metal finish on the pole when it comes to grip, brass is a great all round pole as it is very sticky. The Brass pole works well in hot weather, does not rust and is great for those with metal allergies. It is used widely in hot countries, however is a soft material so can damage more easily than chrome or stainless poles. [Please note: there is no such thing as pure brass - if you have seen such statements on other pole manufacturer's websites, then please note that Brass is an alloy and 'pure brass' would not be solid enough to support an athlete]

Powder Coated Poles - X-POLE’s Powder Coated poles are offered in two finishes – Black & Pink. The pole is VERY sticky and is only recommended for those who struggle for grip on our traditional metal poles. If you have experienced problems such as slipping when trying to execute moves or climbing the pole – why not try our new Powder Coated Finish? More enhanced grip compared to a Chrome/Brass/Stainless. The surface finish is very grippy and has a smooth texture (not rippled) which everyone who used them in testing really liked.

Silicone – Used on Chinese pole. You can pole with your clothes on, so it is a great choice for cold countries; kids and men’s classes; and of course great for doing Chinese pole moves. These are X-POLE’s Chinese Style poles which allow you to execute pole tricks without having skin contact with the pole, which simply means poling with your clothes on! This is great for beginners who want to build up their strength but do not want to take their clothing off. The silicone is placed onto the pole using a unique method and is a soft spongy material which can take the impact of hard-core moves. Allows users to incorporate Chinese Style Pole tricks and combos into their routine – adding another dimension to their poling experience. With the growing interest in Chinese pole – great for poling with your clothes on, unbelievable grip etc. – X-POLE are excited to introduce to the market the first cost effective range of Chinese poles. Important: The SN range does use a silicone material but it is a completely different specification to the silicone used on the X-POLE bases and domes - it is a very Hi-Grade as used in the food and medical industries)The silicone is permanently fixed to the pole – it is not removable – and so you can use immediately. If you already own an X-POLE then you can just buy the pole tubes (maybe you will want to upgrade to Competition Dual lined poles for stiffness) and use your current parts making the purchase of a Chinese pole very cost effective.


Each finish is very weather dependant, for instance if the climate is very humid and wet (for example by the beach) then the chrome is more likely to rust, however the brass would be slippery so the stainless would be the best. If you live in a hot country then brass is best for you as brass becomes stickier when warm. If in a normal environment chrome is great. [Normal as in ‘average’ ‘UK’]. Again it depends on the studio, if your studio is damp then the Chrome and Titanium Gold are likely to rust or start to pit over time, the TG is good on the grip however the gold fades quickly – especially in a studio environment.

Each pole is very personal as well! Size or grip – it all depends on the person’s size of hands, legs and how their body reacts to working out, also how the skin reacts to metal. 

X-Poles are all multi-piece dance poles and therefore can be expanded to be used at different heights using extensions. Two extensions, a 125mm and 250mm, are included with each pole set but a further range of additional 'optional' extensions are also available to suit higher ceilings or allow for shorter/minimum screw adjuster lengths.

IMPORTANT: These extensions are only compatible with newer-style X-POLE poles that use the X-Joint. If you have an older X-POLE with screw threaded joints, please contact us so we can get you the right extension(s).
Make sure you order the right diameter extension for your X-POLE. 45mm extensions will only work with 45mm poles. 50mm extensions will only work with 50mm poles.
If you are using 5 or more total pole pieces, you will need to purchase a separate X-Joint (each pole set comes with 3). When making your pole, it is best to purchase larger extensions and use less X-Joints

Sizing - Most important points to remember when choosing an extension is to select the correct size to minimise the adjuster length and always use one longer extension as opposed to two. Always check your ceiling measurement before ordering extensions. 

To avoid permanent damage to your XPert ‘A’ pole, please remember to tighten the three adjuster locking screws on the flat sections of the adjuster rod. On the latest poles we have had a dot/indent placed on the rim - now all you have to do is line up the dot/indent with any of the locking screws - this would ensure that all the 'flats' are in line. 

To ensure that your pole is centred, please tighten the three screws in a clockwise formation at a half a turn at a time so that all of the screws push the adjuster rod into the centre of the pole.