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X-Pole XPERT Danspalen (Static & Spinning Pole)

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X-Pole Powder Coated XPert Danspaal Set 45mm - Black

Artikelcode: NX45PDBK

 X-Pole Powder Coated XPert Danspaal Set 45mm - Black

Available in HOT PINK or BLACK
Tired of grip problems?
If you want a high level of grip, then the powder coated X-POLE is your ideal choice. 

X-POLE sets can withstand some of the most demanding moves whilst remaining safe & sturdy.
Bottom loading poles means that it is easy to install from the ground and you won’t need a ladder to make any adjustments. The powder coated X-POLE uses our exclusive ‘fixed adjuster system’ to expand and fully lock the pole in position. 

No cover edge to hit or lumpy bearing protrusion, just smooth pole all the way.

It features a ‘Micro-Articulating Base’ for minimum contact with the dancer – which basically means that the base is small and won’t get in your way – and could even be set up on uneven floors. 

The powder coated pole incorporates: a large metal upper dome (we do not use plastic, which cannot take the strain of professional dancing); a smaller base plate for minimum contact; and a special non-invasive adjuster cover, which creates a smooth silicone feel from top to bottom with no edges for dancers to catch themselves on. 

All sets are supplied out of the box to fit ceiling heights from 2235mm (7' 4") to 2745mm (9') – if you wish to install at over 2745mm (9’), you would need to purchase an extension. 

X-POLE - Featuring X-Joint™ Technology
The X-Joint™ System, which joins the X-POLE tubes together, is a unique and exclusive feature of all XPERT™ pole sets. This revolutionary joint makes installation extremely quick and easy whilst increasing pole rigidity and reducing flex. No other pole in the world has this latest joint technology.

  •     Bottom Loading - no ladders required.
  •     Revolutionary NEW X-Joint™ system - easy to use, quick to install.
  •     Smooth Pole from Top to Bottom - no transition between tubes or bearing protrusion to catch.
  •     Both Static and Spinning options are available. 
  •     Micro Articulating Base - easy to set up on uneven floors.
  •     Double Width Support Dome - for maximum stability.
  •     Extendable from 2235mm (7\' 4\") to 2745 (9\') from the box. Additional extensions can be purchased. 
  •     Includes Carry Cases - 2 pcs (as shown in the photos)
  •     Marking system – to stop over adjustment and simplify installation.
  •     Instructions with clear drawings – making installation clearer. Or just watch our installation video on YouTube!
  •     Environmentally friendly boxing and inner tray – all paper with no foam!
  •     Powder coated finish to provide a superior grip.

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